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Benoit Coulanges Victorious

What an awesome season kick-off for O’Neal’s Benoit Coulanges. Two races and two victories for the well-prepared Dorval Nicolai Team Rider at the start of the 2K17 season.

Image by: Jean-Noel Charvet
Ben: „Brioude Cup was a short and technical track. The Pierron brothers shaped the track and Florent Payet was here “to take the temperature” of other riders. This was my first race of the year and I’m very motivated to continue the training after this victory.
    Image by: Jean-Noel Charvet  
And I’m pretty stoked to win my second race of the 2K17 season at the MSR CUP. This time the battle was very hard with my competitors. I was 2nd in the first run and motivated to battle for another victory. I pushed really hard and it paid off with a win in the 2nd run! I never saw Magnum Bottle like that!“
Benoit is ready for the UCI DH World Cup kick-off in Lourdes, 28-30 April 2017!
Image by: Jean-Noel Charvet
More information about Benoit on our O’NEAL athlete page.  


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