50 years later and we are still pushing boundaries, continuing to set a new standard.

“It wasn’t about making money. Our drive was really about finding and creating better products to race with.”

Jim O’Neal

Still to this day we are constantly improving our products, delivering innovation and cutting edge design at a great price. The 2020 collection sees more brand-new class-leading products than any other season over the last 50…


We will celebrate our 50th anniversary with the release of a very limited number of special edition products which are destined to become collectors’ items…

All-new 10SRS MX Helmet

Available in both Carbon and Hyperlite this brand-new race helmet offers high-performance at an affordable price. The race-orientated fit is achieved using 2 different outshells and 2 EPSs to ensure every rider gets the perfect fit. With Airforce vents for maximum ventilation and a DRI-LEX® liner with Polygieve treatment to eliminate bacteria, the 10Series ensures the comfortable fit continues moto after moto. IPX® ACells helmet impact absorption technology is incorporated into every helmet, reducing the damage caused by rotational and low-speed crashes.

All-new 5SRS MX Helmet

Sharing many features, including the main shell design, venting and liner, with the 10Series, the Polyacrylite 5Series is, we believe, the best-value MX helmet on the market for under €200. Also available as an after-market spare part is the option to fit IPX® ACells helmet impact absorption technology for the ultimate in safety.

All-new 3SRS MX Helmet

Our global number 1 best-selling MX helmet has been improved and updated for 2020 with an brand-new shell alongside bold new race and art graphics.

Entry-level RSX MX Boot now available in colors

By popular demand our entry-level RSX MX boot is now available in color options as well as the original black.

RMX Enduro and Sierra Pro Waterproof Enduro/ Adventure Boot

Our final new boot for 2020 takes the high-performance RMX MX boot and delivers a high-performance boot for demanding Enduro riding, with the perfect balance of comfort, flexibility and stability.

100% waterproof and breathable, bringing decades of experience in producing MX boots to the enduro and adventure market. The high-grip anti-slip rubber sole compliments the full waterproofness to make the Sierra Pro Boot of the most competitive boots on the market in its class.


Developed in Italy by our team of boot specialists with decades of experience working, developing and producing premium globally recognized Italian MX boot brands. The hands on expertise of some of the worlds finest craftsman in MX boot design, development and technology have infused all of their experience to insure the RMX from O’NEAL is pure premium performance in all riding conditions

Of course all of our MX kits have new graphics and colors as well as the old favorites continuing from last season. From the clean race look through to the craziest art graphic on the track, we have something for all tastes, including the super limited edition Prodigy kit.





Enjoy the Ride | #50yearsfaster

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