NIGHT of the JUMPs came to Mannheim over in Germany for the eighth time running last Saturday night. In the final round of the FIM European FMX Championship (the World’s longest running Freestyle Motocross series), the best riders in the world entertained a packed house in the impressive SAP Arena.

Ten athletes from five nations started, most notably the 20 year old O’Neal team rider, Luc Ackermann who was leading the European Championship so far and poised to win the overall title. His biggest threats were from Remi Bizouard and the reigning World Champion, O’Neal’s Maikel Melero.


Melero had a solid run and secured a second in qualifying. Luc Ackermann wanted to put his mark on the night and did just that, qualifying with some huge tricks such as a Flair, Surfer Tsunami Flip and Double Backflip. He secured pole position heading into the finals and an epic qualification round left him with a 32 point lead.

Going into the finals all of the riders were hunting down Ackermann, pulling their biggest tricks out of the bag. Despite going out all guns blazing, most of them struggled and made a few small but costly mistakes. Maikel Melero however had a solid run and landed a Nac Flair and his version of a California Roll.

As the last rider and home-favorite, the young German had the entire crowd behind him, cheering him on for the win.  Luc displayed nerves of steel by landing a massive Ruler Indy Flip, Seat Grab Indy Flip, Surfer Tsunami Flip, Flair, 360, Holy Grab, Nac 360 and finishing with a Double Backflip.

With 418 points, he took the win in Mannheim over Maikel Melero.  With a clean sweep, Ackermann won his first overall FIM European Championship ahead of runner-up Maikel Melero.


Congratulations to both O’Neal team riders!

Results NOTJ Mannheim, 05th May 2018

  1. Luc Ackermann 418 Points

  2. Maikel Melero 393 Points

  3. David Rinaldo 384 Points

  4. Libor Podmol 376 Points

  5. Remi Bizouard 312 Points