O’Neal team rider Maikel Melero was again victorious at the first round of the NIGHT of the JUMPs European FMX Championships in Munich. Maikel’s O’Neal team mate Luc Ackermann also put in an awesome performance.

Maikel Melero celebrating his victory in Munich | Photo: grfotos.de
The NIGHT of the JUMPs stormed the Bavarian state capital for the seventh time. 10,000 spectators crammed into the sold out Olympiahalle to see some of the biggest tricks at the longest running Freestyle Motocross sport series in the world. With Local Hero Luc Ackermann and 3 time World Champion Maikel Melero, two O’Neal riders were battling against the Worlds Best FMX Riders.
Maikel Melero doing the Caliroll at NOTJ Munich | Photo: LCS Fotografie

Be sure to watch the highlight video of Maikel Melero at NOTJ Munich

Luc Ackermann had an explosive Qualification run and stormed into the Final with a 2nd place. Unfortunately he crashed on his California Roll attempt during the final and was unable to get past the other riders to make it to the podium. Had he had landed it, perhaps he could’ve made it. The German rider instead fell back to sixth place with the crash.
Luc Ackermann doing a 360° Nac Nac at NOTJ Munich | Photo: LCS Fotografie
>> Unfortunately I had some mistakes in my final run. But the crowd was awesome and my Surfer Tsunami Flip in the qualification round was massive. << Luc Ackermann

Be sure to watch the highlight video of Luc Ackermann at NOTJ Munich

The reigning three time World Champion, Maikel Melero, was the final rider of the night and delivered a lightning fast run including the Egg Roll, Nac Flair, California Roll, Seat Grab Flip, Tsunami Flip and Lazyboy Flip. Once again Maikel was able to win both rounds – Qualification and Final.
Maikel Melero doing a Holy Grab to one-handed Seatgrab Indy | Photo: grfotos.de
>> In the qualification round I rode at 100% and got first place. In the final, some of my contenders made some mistakes and I could ride with a little less pressure. I take the opportunity to thank the O’Neal representatives who gathered at the event and gave me some cool customized gear. << Maikel Melero
The next event for Maikel and Luc will be the NIGHT of the JUMPs in Hamburg on 3rd of June, 2017.
More information about Luc Ackermann and Maikel Melero on our O’NEAL athlete page.


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