O’Neal break new ground launching Fidlock helmet buckle technology into the motorcycle market

O’Neal are proud to still be pushing the market at the forefront of technical apparel and protection development some 45 years after the company was founded.

We will be one of the very first brands in the world to offer Fidlock buckles on MX helmets. The new O’Neal 3Series Fidlock helmet will retail at around €140 and be available in dealers first half of 2016. O’Neal and Fidlock have revolutionized the traditional double-D helmet buckle with this new technology using magnets which close the buckle automatically and can be opened with ease using just 2 fingers.
Even when wearing gloves it can be opened quickly and effortlessly with just one hand. Perfect for those riders who are taking helmets on and off regularly and for whom operating a double-D with gloves on can be tricky. Unlike traditional buckles, there is no risk of the fastener pinching the skin. The comprehensive safety, functionality and great ease of use of helmets with the “one-hand fastener” have been used by O’Neal for several seasons now in their MTB helmet range.
O’Neal’s Head of Product Development and ex professional MX racer Andy Boller says
“We were keen to bring this technology to our MX, Enduro and Trail riders and in choosing to launch with the 3Series helmet we will offer a great-value product to consumers. Safety is of utmost importance and the new Fidlock closure exceeds all of the stringent safety standards as the traditional double-D closure. We are super excited to be showcasing samples at Eicma 2015 and already looking to take order for launch next year”.
To find out more please contact John Firth (Head of Marketing): jf@oneal-europe.com
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