The final round of the German ADAC MX Masters, one of the biggest MX series in Europe with several MXGP riders taking part, was really successful for the O’Neal riders.

DIGA PROCROSS Team rider Dylan Walsh clinched the MX Youngster Cup overall in Holzgerlingen and his team mate Filip Olsson took the 125 Junior Cup Championship Title.

Flip Olsson (DIGA PROCROSS / 125 Junior Cup Champion:

“Very happy to clinch that title with my team DIGA-Procross. It felt like a dream come true! I‘ve been consistent all year long! Thanks to O’Neal for gearing me up with the sick #2k19 Mayhem HEXX Kit.”

Dylan Walsh (DIGA PROCROSS / Overall Victory Youngster Cup Holzgerlingen):

“Really happy with the day, just pumped to leave my current team DIGA-Procross with the win because they deserved it!”

With a solid performance also from O’Neal supported KMP rider Jeremy Delince, getting on the box in MX1 and Youngster Cup rider Josiah Natzke in 4th, it was a great way to round off an awesome season.

Josiah Natzke (KMP Racing / 4th overall Youngster cup):

“Stoked on my weekend, 4/3 but just missed out on the podium. Been a long year but super happy to come out the other end and finish with solid results. Massive thank you to my team Kmp Honda Racing!”


Jeremy Delince (KMP Racing / 3rd overall MX Masters)

“I rode really good both motos. Unfortunately I had a mechanical in Moto1 so I ended up 11th but P4 was possible while I was running on front and 3rd in Moto2 for a solid 3rd overall. That was so good to finish the season with a strong ride after all the hard times I had this year but this one is just for all the people around who make this all possible and especially my grand mother who passed away last month. The hard work finally paid off!”

  Boris Maillard (Johannes Bikes Suzuki / 4th German Open Champs)

“I’m happy how the end of the season went. The speed was back and the fitness was good. I placed 4th in Moto1 and Top 10 overall at the last round in Holzgerlingen. Earlier I was able to place 4th overall in the German Open MX Championship. It’s a good way to finish the motocross season. Now full focus on the Super Cross season that starts in November. I am really looking forward to it.”

Thanks heaps to all O’Neal riders and supported Teams! We can’t wait for the Supercoss Season and next years Outdoors! Meanwhile check our all new 2019 MX Collection
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