O’NEAL’s female FMX rider Emma McFerran celebrated her first ever podium and Rookie Christian Kleiner took home 2nd place at the Flight Club Contest in Biberach, Germany.

In 2008, the German Wrecking Crew founded the Flight Club Tour to strengthen the German FMX scene and give the young talents a platform to showcase their skills – but mostly to have fun riding their dirt bikes with their buddies. The events are take on the jam session format with multiple groups. While one group of riders rides, the other groups judge them, making it purely rider-on-rider judging. And the mission of the Flight Club Tour? To create an event for all levels of riders who want to have a great weekend of riding, barbequing and partying. Wanting to experience Flight Club firsthand, the O’NEAL team riders Emma McFerran, Hannes Ackermann and Christian Kleiner traveled to Biberach, which is in the south west of Germany.
O’NEAL’s female FMX rider Emma McFerran showed the boys how to freestyle on a 4-stroke bike! She showed tricks like Shoebox, Jackhammer, Doublegrab, 1-Hand Seatgrab Indy and eliminated 5 boys – finally she took home a fantastic 3rd place!
Emma: “Flight Club Biberach turned out to be an awesome day. When we arrived it wasn’t looking to good as it had been raining most of the night and didn’t look like it was going to stop any time soon. I ended heading into town and going shopping with Hannes and Luc’s parents while I waited for the rain to stop haha. After lunch it finally cleared up and we all ended up having a great ride! The run up was a little slippery for me on my 250f but after a few jumps I felt super comfy and the guys couldn’t stop me from riding.  The event went great and I was happy with how I rode, finishing up in 3rd place with my first FMX podium. I also learnt 1 Hand Seatgrab Indy’s which I was super stoked about!”
Our Rookie Christian Kleiner showed another great performance. He did already place 2nd at the tour stop in Rohrberg a few weeks ago and was fully motived to reach the podium again. Finally he took home another 2nd place. Well deserved!
Christian: “When we arrived in Biberach it was raining. Unfortunately the weather forecast wasn’t that well. We used the rainy hours to chat with old friends and hanging around in the paddock. After lunch, the rain stopped and the sky cleared up. Finally we could start with the training. The setup in Biberach was really nice. The landing was really huge and made me feel safe on my 350sxf. After a great Jam I finished the Competition in second place.”
O’NEAL’s FMX headliner Hannes Ackermann used the event to get ready for the 2nd part of the NIGHT of the JUMPs FMX World Championship Series. This was an enrichment – especially for the fans. Hannes worked on 1-Hand Seatgrab Flips and showed his signature PortiAir Flip, Hart Attack Flips and classic tricks like Sideshow and Deadbody.
Hannes: “The Flight Club in Biberach was an awesome event as every year. The day started of with some rain but after lunch it turned out good so we could ride. I didn’t join the competition but had a lot of fun riding with everyone. We had an international riders field this year and my O’NEAL teammates Christian Kleiner and Emma Mcferran placed 2nd and 3rd. Just a good day of riding!”


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