Shea Jordan has designed a trail called “El Pedrero” near his folks’ farm in Patagonia. He grew up there and used the local trails to train for the Argentinian national race series back-in-the-day. Finally he’s come back to that place he started his career, back to his roots, and been filming with his buddy Juan Pennisi…and so it goes…

More about Shea Jordan:
I’m one of the lucky ones I’d say since many athletes dreams of filming their passion, but many get hung up along the way as an elusive dream that never really materializes. I’ve been fortunate over the years to make amazing friends who just so happen to be really good at filming. I recently moved back to Argentina to do a bit of a reboot on my own life by opening a Fusion Mexican restaurant by a river in the middle of the Andes of Patagonia Argentina.
O'NEAL Rider Shea Jordan
I am confident that my girlfriend and I can make this little oasis of ours come to life this summer. What will be the interesting twist in this story is riding bikes…
Bikes have been the center point of my life for the better part of the past 15 years, but now that I am not a racer but a content provider my life is a little simpler.
I’ve made an amazing friend that has a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to filming, he is thirsty for action and is oozing creativity. We currently have a few video projects up our sleeves including a documentary and three short Enduro edits.
While all of this is rolling along smoothly I continue to strive to broaden the market for Knolly Bikes in Latin America which of course proves to be a bit of a challenge at times but it’s like a puzzle you eventually find the missing piece.
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About the Filmer:
More about Leidenfilms – check their Facebook Page and head to their  Website.  


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