A tough start with ups and downs for the O’Neal supported Diga Procross Suzuki Team in the ADAC Supercross Cup.

SX1 / Boris Maillard

The season kick-off in Stuttgart went well for SX1 rider Boris Maillard with a 3rd in his Heat Race, 2nd in LQ and 10th in the final on Friday. On Saturday he managed 5th in the Semi and 8th in the Main.
Munich was a tough one. On Friday he started well with a 2nd in Heat Race, 3rd in Semi, but got knocked out by another rider in the Main in 6th position. Saturday he came back despite injury and placed 6th in his Heat Race, 9th in Semi and 5th in Last Chance. In the American Final he was able finished 6th.



Boris: “Munich started good until the first lap of the final where I crashed hard. I went to the hospital. They wanted to keep me for the night but I didn’t agree.
On Saturday I had a lot of pain in my left knee when I woke up. I didn’t want to race first. But then I got tape on and tried to ride.
It really wasn’t easy but I made it to the semi final. Unfortunately I didn’t qualify for the main event. But I am really happy that I tried to ride. I took some rest this week to be ready for Chemnitz.”


SX2 / Adrien Malaval

Great start for O’Neal team rider Adrien Malaval at the ADAC Supercross Stuttgart! On Friday he placed 3rd in his group during practice and qualified directly for the Main. In the first heat he placed 5th and in second everything went almost perfectly and he placed 3rd. Finally a good 4th (tied with 3rd) overall on his DIGA-Procross Suzuki in his first SX2 class event!
Saturday he rode a perfect lap time in practice and went for 2nd. Set up well for the first Main he ended in a solid 3rd. A bad start in the Second Moto left him 10th.
The second stop of the SX tour in Bavaria’s Capital Munich was mixed. On Friday he placed 11th and 6th. On Saturday he was the fastest rider in his practice group. In Moto One he went for a good 4th and 6th in the second. Overall he  placed 5th.



Adrien: “The first night wasn’t successful for me, because I did crash in the first lap of Moto one. So it was almost impossible to get a good result. The second Moto was a bit better. I had a bad start and was able to ride through the pack to 6th place.
Saturday night my starts were a bit better. In Moto one I placed 4th. Unfortunately I did a mistake in Moto two and lost some positions ending in 6th place.”



SX2 / Stefo Stefanidis

For the youngster Stefo Stefanidis the season kick-off in Stuttgart and Munich didn’t start that well. In Stuttgart he was ready for the qualification race, but his bike stalled at the start and he had a 3 second gap behind the field. He rode well and was catching up, but finally placed 5th and couldn’t qualify for the main event. Saturday it was even worse. He came up short on a jump and had to pull out of the qualification.



Stefo: “The Munich SX started really well for me. I missed the direct qualification by only 2/10 seconds. In the qualification race I was in 2nd position, but the race was cancelled caused by a crash after 4 laps. They repeated the race, but I wasn’t able to pull another good start and didn’t end in the top three.
On Saturday I hurt myself during the qualification and due to the pain, it was not possible to qualify. I am looking forward to Chemnitz this weekend. I still have to fight with some injuries, but will give it a try!”
Next event will take place in Chemnitz this weekend. Stay tuned for more information here and keep an eye on our social media channels for latest news.


All images by: tobpix.com  
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