Germany held its kick-off round of the 35th Annual International ADAC Supercross season on 10/11. November. The Arena was filled with close to 15,000 fans waiting to see who was going to be crowned the King and Prince of SX Stuttgart.

Tough rhythm sections and a grueling start made for some tight racing throughout the night. Riders from around the World commented on how grippy the dirt was here, setting the scene for some fast racing. O’Neal was present with a strong line-up in Stuttgart.


The KMP Honda Racing Team Boss Alex Karg recruited the top French rider Fabien Izoird for Stuttgart who was able to jump on the SX1 podium on Saturday night by placing 2nd after dominating the Heat Race. On Friday he qualified in 3rd and rode into the Top5 in the Main. After Stuttgart Fabien sits in 3rd overall in the SX Cup standings.

His younger team mate Lorenzo Camporese needed to get use of his new ride and started Friday with a 10th in his Heat Race and unfortunately missed the Main by one spot with a 3rd in Last Chance. On Saturday he was able to qualify for the Main and placed 10th.

The O’Neal supported Johannes Bikes Suzuki Team recruited the well known rider Florent Richier from France and Boris Maillard, who was already riding the Outdoors for the Team. Boris qualified 5th on Friday and placed 8th in the Main. Florent put some pressure on U.S. boy Tyler Bowers in the Heat Race and ended up in 2nd. In the Main he rode well to a 4th place.

On Saturday Boris had some bad luck in the Heat and finished 10th. There was a lot pressure on Boris in the Last Chance where he was in 2nd position when the race was stopped due a huge crash. But the race management decided to count the result of the previous two laps where Boris was in 4th. Unfortunately he didn’t make the Main. Florent placed 4th in his Heat Race and rode into the Top10 in the Main. After the Stuttgart Florent sits in 5th overall.


The DIGA Procross Team has a massive line-up heading into the 2017/2018 SX season. Team Boss Justin Amian recruited Dylan Walsh, Adrien Malaval and Iker Larranaga for the SX2 class.

On Friday Iker started his Heat Race with a 2nd place and made the podium by placing 2nd in the Main. On Saturday again he placed 2nd in the Heat Race and managed to ride into the Top5 in the Main.

Adrien rode consistent on Friday with a 5th in his Heat Race and 6th in the Main. On Saturday he was able to qualify 5th and stormed through the pack to 4th after a shaky start.


Fortunately for our very own Dylan Walsh, the conditions were just right. On Friday he qualified in 4th and also placed 4th in the Main. Saturday went perfectly by qualifying 1st and the spectacular ride crowned by a victory in the Main.

Dylan is the newly crowned prince of Supercross Stuttgart and was ecstatic when he came across the line, beating some of the best riders in the world.

Watch the Video:

Dylan is leading the SX2 Championship after Stuttgart. Iker sits in 4th and Adrien in 5th position.

O’Neal U.S. team rider Kyle Cunningham stepped in last-minute for the Stuttgart event. Unfortunately Kyle had some bad starts on Friday. He rode the Last Chance and stormed through the pack but wasn’t able to qualify for the final. On Saturday he qualified in 3rd direct for the Main and finished 5th.

Super stoked for our own little ripper David Jost who was the fastest SX4 rider in the Timed Practise. In the Race he took the Holeshot and led from start to finish!

Highlight Results:

2nd place Iker Larranaga / Team KMP / SX2 Category
1st place Dylan Walsh / Team DIGA Procross / SX4 Category 1st place David Jost / Team O’Neal / SX4 Category 2nd place Fabien Izoird / Team KMP / SX1 Category

There was also a Freestyle MX Show with our FMX Riders Lukas Weis, Christian Kleiner and Alex Porsing:


Congratulations to all of our International riders, thanks for being #oneofus

All images by: TOBPIX.com

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