Dean Wilson the former US MX Champion, returns to O’NEAL for a multi-year agreement!

Dean Wilson, the loveable Scotsman, has teamed up again with O’NEAL for a multi-year agreement to contest the Monster Energy AMA Supercross series as well as the US Pro Motocross Championship.

Wilson has formed his own team for 2019 with support from Factory Husqvarna, Rockstar Energy drink and a host of other top notch sponsors to support Dean’s goal of capturing wins this Season.

“I’m really happy to be back with O’NEAL for 2019 and beyond. O’NEAL was a great company to work with in the past and they truly do feel like family”

said Wilson.
Dean went on to say,

“I had such a good relationship with O’NEAL previous… There is nothing like a brand with good people and a good heart, I am just really stoked to be rejoined with them.”

Deans first race was round 1 of the Supercross series this past Saturday at Anaheim CA. and Dean’s performance didn’t disappoint. With a sold out crowd of more than 45,000 fans packed into Angel Stadium, Dean pulled the Holeshot in the 450 main and held the race lead for the first full 15 laps.


With the crowd on its feet, Dean was poised to put his Husqvarna across the finish line first beating out a stacked class of SX all stars. Dean’s magnificent performance hit a few hiccups towards the end of the race as the downpour of rain began and lappers continued to be obstacles. Dean pulled off his goggles entirely and worked hard during the last few laps securing a 4th place finish for the night.

Be sure to watch Dean as he continues his triumphant race season. Also, be sure to check out Dean Wilson on instagram. Dean’s Social media following of over 550,000 on Instagram combined with Dean’s video content such as Grandpa Earl (over 6,000,000 views) proves Dean as one to watch both on and off the track!

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