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We are constantly inspired by the environment in which we ride. We are often filled with awe and respect when we head out on 2 wheels. Once in a while mother nature also scares the hell out of us, reminding us just how small we are and also how lucky we are to be alive and able to enjoy our sports.

#oneofus James Doerfling was born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. Lucky enough to have cut his teeth riding some of the most epic and jaw-droppingly beautiful trails out there.

In this recent video collaboration with SR Suntour, watch James Doerfling shredding through a familiar yet alien landscape, ravaged by wildfire – loam replaced by ashes, lush green leaves replaced by charred trees.

Enjoy the ride:

Recently the wilderness right on his doorstep was hit by weeks of wildfires. Once the fires eventually stopped, the bleakness of the landscape that was left behind was striking.

“This past summer my home town and areas of the interior of British Columbia were ravaged by wildfires. It was seriously some of the scariest times of my life not knowing if my home was going to burn down . I was lucky enough with my home being safe but many weren’t so lucky.

I decided to stay back when the town was evacuted to do what i could to help out running equipment, seeing first hand the devastation of these fires was pretty wild ..It was a summer that will never be forgotten that is for sure.”

James Doerfling

 All images by Hoshi Yoshida
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