The Airflaps system is an optional spacer that lifts the glasses off the face when needed, while still providing maximum eye protection. Ideal for hot conditions where increased air intake is of benefit.

Whether trail, enduro, downhill or motocross, with this system you always keep a cool head. The system is easy and quick to apply via adhesive tape – similar to a GoPro® mount – to most helmets, adjustable in relation to the distance to the face, preventing fogging of goggles and ensuring permanent air supply when in use. With the levers unfolded, there is no pressure on the nose and the helmet can also be put on and taken off without removing the goggles.


The O’NEAL Airflaps Kit is available for 54.99€ / 49.99 £ and has already proven itself in use on track with several top riders, including the 9-time MX World Champion Tony Cairoli.

  • AIRFLAPS increases ventilation inside the google and under the helmet
  • Also allows the helmet to be put on and taken off without removing the goggles and reducing scratching
  • Prevents overheating for a better performance
  • Compatible with Roll-Offs and Tear-Offs
  • Works by lifting the goggle foam a few mm off the face
  • Single hand operation while riding
  • The distance between the goggle foam and the face can be adjusted easily by up to 10mm thanks to a single adjustment screw
  • Simple installation with 3M double face fixation, no tools required