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Greg Minnaar in Meribel

Greg Minnaar, managed to pull off a Top 10 finish, which was somewhat amazing given the fact he was recently involved in a serious car accident in California.

“This time last weekend I was crawling out of the wreckage of an upturned vehicle” reflects Greg. “There was more tape on my body than on track today, but I’m just happy to still be here racing and see Josh take the title to be honest!” Greg continued “I’ve nervously watched Ratty take down some big challenges this season, and none more so than this World Cup title. ’Railing ruts and nailing big things’ seems to be his new motto. Everywhere.” Greg finally placed 7th in the 2014 UCI World Cup Final Standings. Next stop are the UCI World Championships Hafjell (NOR) on Sept 7, 2014