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Luc Ackermann boosted to 2nd place

The final round of the FIM FMX European Championship took place Mannheim, Germany in front of 7.000 screaming spectators who boosted O’Neal’s Luc Ackermann on the podium! Luc Ackermann was not 100% in shape after a road bike training crash a few days before the event, but he showed a great performance in his qualification run doing the Open Loop and Surfer take-off to Tsunami Flip which put him in 2nd position.

The final showdown was impressive. The whole arena was screaming Luc’s name when he rode on the track. Luc Ackermann started his final run with a trick fireworks including 9-O-Clock, Cordova Flip, Holygrab, 360, Open Loop, Clicker Superflip, Seatgrab Flip, Cliffhanger to 1-Hand Lading, Surfer Tsunami Flip, Whip and the California Roll to 1-Hand-Landing.
Luc Ackermann at Night of the Jumps Mannheim 2016
Luc was able to beat Petr Pilat (European Champ 2015) and Remi Bizouard (3-times World Champ) and finally placed 2nd at NIGHT of the JUMPs in Mannheim and collected the bronze medal in the FIM European FMX Championship.
Mannheim has been another good event for me. I reached the final with a good qualification run and made only a small mistake in my final run. But all in all it has been another awesome event and I placed second. And in the overall ranking of the European championship I good 3rd. – Luc Ackermann
Luc Ackermann at Night of the Jumps Mannheim 2016     More information about Luc on our O’NEAL athlete page.