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German star Luc Ackermann was crowned FIM Freestyle MX World Champion after claiming victory in an incredible 6 our of 7 rounds.

Luc becomes the youngest Freestyle Motocross World Champion, ending Maikel Melero’s five-year reign at the top. The 21-year-old German was also crowned NIGHT of the JUMPs World Tour Champion 2019 after his victory in Sofia. Unfortunately an injury meant that Melero could not compete in Sofia, but he still secured 2nd overall in the World Championship.

Luc Ackermann: “I am simply overjoyed. I dreamed of the World Championship title for so long and worked so hard for it. Winning the NIGHT of the JUMPs Tour Championship on top here in Sofia makes the season perfect”.

O’Neal started to support Luc Ackermann a few years ago and seen unbelievable progression. Thanks Luc for sharing these moments with us. Also big shout-out to Maikel Melero, World Championship runner up.


One of the most exciting seasons of NIGHT of the JUMPs has come to an end. The riders will now have two months to relax and work on new tricks as they return for the next event on 21/22 February, 2020 where NIGHT of the JUMPs will take over Berlin to celebrate its 20th anniversary with even more FMX fireworks to be expected. Meanwhile check the O’NEAL 2K20 MX Collection.
Images by: Oliver Franke, Laszlo Steinebach
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