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It was a night of milestones for Blake Baggett Saturday at Anaheim III, round five of the 2015 AMA/FIM Supercross Series, in front of 43.441 fans at Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Baggett not only earned his career-best finish of seventh, he also earned his first career Supercross holeshot aboard his powerful Yoshimura Suzuki from a challenging elevated starting gate.

He also led the first lap of the Main, putting him in the record books for the first time as a lap leader. Baggett also qualified for the first time directly out of his Heat race, continuing his strong and steady, week-by-week improvement in the series.
„The start was definitely tricky tonight,“ Baggett admitted. „It dropped down right away, so I had to hit my first shift really quick and drive through the bottom at the start and then go late on the brakes into the first turn.“
„I had a good week here at Anaheim III,“ Baggett said with a look of satisfaction on his face. „I went into the Main event and got an awesome start and scored the holeshot. From there I just tried to be consistent over most of the track and pushed in some areas. I also wanted to keep it on two wheels. I ended up dropping back to seventh, but I learned a lot. I’m just going to try to keep building from there.
O’NEAL’s Blake Baggett will hit the track again on Saturday (Feb. 7th, 2015) at round six of the 2015 AMA/FIM SX Championship in San Diego.
All images © O’NEAL / Jake Klingensmith


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