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O’Neal and Monster supported MX team Astes4-Tesar Yamaha Official EMX250 kick-off 2018 early at the International MX race at Riola Sardo

It seems like the 2017 MX season had only just finished and already the riders and team were kicking-off the 2018 event calendar with a season opener at Riola Sardo in Italy.

The new year brings new riders to the team. Roan Van De Moosdijk #39 keeps his place in tfor 2018 and is joined by 2 new teammates: Italian Nicholas Lapucci #211 and the US rider Tristan Charboneau #5.

The first round of the Internazionali d’Italia in Riola Sardo is now a firm classic, preceding the World Championship and seeing many international level riders competing to test both themselves and the bikes.

This proved the case for the SDM Team also and Roan was in great shape on the sandy track. Ending up with an excellent 6th place in MX2 and 17th in final Elite. Tristan Charbonneau set out well and pushed hard staying in the top 3 during the early laps. Finishing eventually in 16th place the goal now is to improve physical endurance over the coming days and weeks.

Nicholas Lapucci held onto a top 5 position in the early laps, but ended up retiring as the race took its toll. Again building endurance before the next races will be the main goals.


Rioja is an excellent test for both the bikes and riders, giving the team clear areas to focus on in preparation for the season starting properly. Next up is the last race of Internazionali d’Italia in Mantova on the 18th of February.

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