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The O’Neal supported GL12 Racing Team is on the hunt for more trophies in 2017 and that elusive overall title!

Hailing from the UK, the KTM-backed GL12 Racing Team have got their sights firmly on the podiums following last year’s successful campaign in the International MXGP EMX 2-Stroke Championship events. O’Neal are proud to be entering the second year of support and with a strong line-up we’re expecting to see them riding high:

Lewis Gregory #12

  • GL12 Racing’s first European race winner and First European overall winner.
  • 2017 Campaign – FIM European EMX 300 and Maxxis ACU British 2-stroke Championship plus selected EMX 250 rounds

Lewis is supremely confident he can deliver the goods with the backing of a great team and team-mates to spur him along:

Lewis Gregory: “My goals are always to win and now I have the best bike underneath me, there is no reason for me not to. I also am looking forward to a fun year with my new team mates Mike and Mack”

Mike Kras #1 and #55

  • Reining EMX300 Champion
  • 2017 Campaign – FIM European EMX 300 and Maxxis ACU British 2-stroke Championship plus selected EMX 250 rounds

Mike is the man they’ll all be trying to beat this season and he’s as motivated as ever to retain the title:

Mike Kras: “With the number one 2stroke team in the paddock behind me, I can only go for the top step of the podium in every race I compete in. Nobody is more crazy about 2 stroke racing than Bob and the GL12 Team”

Mack Bouwense #12

  • Reigning Dutch 85 BW Champion
  • 2017 Campaign – FIM European EMX125 and Dutch 125 Championship

Mack is pumped for the 2017 season:

Mack Bouwense : “For my Rookie year on the full size bike, and on the big Gp tracks my goals are to qualify for every main event.  To improve and learn throughout the year so I can compete at the front of the European championship in my second season”

Bob Buchanan, Team Manager

“I changed marques this year as I pushed the outdated model of the last few seasons passed the reliability threshold to remain competitive and although we won rounds, most notably our home GP, we missed out on a Championship. So my goals for this season are to provide my riders with competitive but reliable machinery and with Mike the reigning champ with the coolest head, Lewis the most naturally gifted rider in the paddock and Mack the keenest most hungry rookie, they will do the rest.


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