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20 World Cup Wins. 7 Fort William Wins. 3 consecutive Fort William wins…

We are beginning to sound like a broken record. Repeating the same thing year after year. But we are not afraid to say it once again: Greg Minnaar is a true LEGEND in our sport!!

If he wasn’t already, Greg Minnaar is the undisputed King of Fort William. The undisputed King of World Cup DH Racing!
Having last year already won more World Cup DH races than any other male rider, Greg continues to add to the wins in 2018 taking the overall tally to 20, including 7 wins alone at Fort William, including the last 3 years in a row on this track.
Greg has helped to develop and is already testing the O’Neal LEGACY Downhill Pant which will be available in the 2018 Product Range, out later this year…
Although several years older then the majority of his rivals, it seems nothing can keep Greg off the podium.
Fort William is his track no doubt, but he had huge pressure last weekend – the expectations and even the rain falling only for the top 3 final runs, making it harder to see the track than the riders who went before. It takes a special level of professionalism to keep calm and composed and rise to the occasion.
Yet again we salute Greg and are proud to have him flying the flag for O’Neal, still at the top of his game and more-and-more imparting his knowledge and expertise to O’Neal’s product development team, ensuring his legacy will live on in our range for years to come…not that he’s going anywhere just yet.
Shimano produced a great movie called  “This is Home” with Greg. Be sure to watch:
Watch this space for more details … Greg racing, O’Neal GM helmet launch, Greg’s plans for 2019 and beyond. More information about Greg Minnaar on our O’NEAL athlete page.

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