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Be sure to watch the video clip of the French O’Neal Team Rider Adrien Malaval! Adrien is competing in the ADAC SX Cup 2016/2017 in O’Neal Gear on the DIGA-Procross Suzuki and recently won the second day of the Chemnitz Supercross in the SX2 Class.

Adrien: “The 3rd stop of the ADAC SX Cup in Chemnitz was really successful for me. I arrived at the venue and after seeing the track I was fully motivated.
On Friday everything went well. I rode two strong Motos (3/4), but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to step on the podium.
My plan for Saturday was to return even stronger. After timed practise I was 2nd and had the perfect starting position for the main event.
Fortunately my plan paid off and after a 3rd place in the first Moto I knew everything was possible. In Moto 2 I took the holeshot and stayed focused for every lap until I saw the chequered flag. I took the WIN and my team mates went crazy.
I want to say thank you to the DIGA Procross Team. They did a great job and provided a well prepared Suzuki bike. Also thanks to O’Neal for providing such a comfy gear. Without the team and partners this success wouldn’t be possible.
Also thanks to my teammate Boris Maillard #727 who helped me with his SX Cup experience the last few weeks – I’m glad to have Boris with me.“


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