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Our focus for the last couple of decades (longer on the MX side of things – 50 years next year) has been clothing, helmets and protection with shoes not really being at the center of the collection. Recently that all changed with the launch of a new range of shoes…

A range accessible to all budgets

So about 3 years ago we set out to develop a full range of shoes, a proper range of shoes, with the primary aim being to hit prices that were accessible to all riders, whatever the budget. We wanted products that would sell for $70-100 and no more. Second was the grip. At O’Neal there’s been a kind of unwritten phrase we’ve been toying with for a while: “stick but don’t get stuck” meaning trying to get the perfect balance of grip but being able to subtly readjust foot position when needed. The Honey Rubber sole was born and hopefully it’s achieved what we set out to do.

Marketing BS vs genuine no-frills products that really work…

Rather than take our word for it – because of course we are bound to say they’re great, take Matt MacDuff’s! Matt MacDuff has been wearing the shoes for a while now and is pretty stoked on how the perform. Of course, you could also argue that a rider, paid by a brand, is also bound to say they rock! Well, that’s true. To a point. But then again this is Matt. He isn’t just hitting trails and jumps that the average rider (even sponsored rider) hits, he’s pulling off stuff where the contact points with the bike have to be perfect and he has to be able to place his entire trust in what he’s wearing.

If they’re good enough for Matt MacDuff then…

Not only is the video below impressive in its own right, but having bailed out the top of a 40ft loop the loop not that long ago and spending a year off the bike recuperating, means Matt’s trust and confidence in the products he relies on is even more important.

Loop of Doom: Matt MacDuff

Pinned Pro Shoe: Matt MacDuff’s choice

Matt isn’t your average rider. He also had issues with other shoes in the past and for him they really have to perform. Anyway, if you still think it’s marketing hype then watch Matt pulling off the open loop double from the Reverence movie again.

Check out the range

Our MTB shoe range has been completely redesigned from the ground up, literally, and tested by development riders in the 2017 and ‘18 UCI WC DH Series. Built to last, packed with features and competitively priced to deliver one of the best value-for-money MTB shoe collections on the market. Below is just the start, launching at Crankworx this year will be another 3 models with more to come after that…


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