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#oneofus Nina Hoffmann wins her first ever DH World Cup in Maribor

2Intense DH World Cup Racing in Maribor last weekend. Shoutout to #oneofus Nina Hoffmann for winning her first ever UCI Mountain Bike DH World Cup! Greg Minnaar was able to finish on the podium and sits in 7th o/a.

Nina Hoffmann celebrated her first ever DH World Cup victory in Maribor

“Incredible. My first ever World Cup victory. I think a made a bit of history, 25 years after a last German Downhill World Cup victory. It felt so good to get one good run together without major mistakes. I knew the speed was there, but I always got stopped by horrible track conditions or unlucky crashes. So happy to made it finally to Top of the women’s field. Now build up consistency and establish on the podium spots. On to Lousa!”

Nina Hoffmann

Our Junior Daniel Slack was able to bring a flawless run to 2nd and missed the top spot only by 0.091 sec.

Dan Slack continued his great performance and placed 2nd (Maribor #1)

“Pretty happy with the result as I’ve always struggled in Maribor over the years – terrain is tough to read and I struggle with grip when gets wet. 7th o/a is good for me on that track. Happy to be on the pace and mixing it with the top guys and now heading to Lousa with confidence.”

Greg Minnaar

Jack Reading | Rider and team owner of SR Suntour One Vision Racing

Roger Vieira qualified in 40th and placed 55th in the final

Already next week we will continue with the World Cup in Lousa/Portugal.

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