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O’NEAL riders at SX Stuttgart

The Supercross season in Europe has already started and the O’NEAL riders are on fire! Last weekend the German ADAC SX Cup kicked-off with the 33rd ADAC Supercross in Stuttgart. O’NEAL’s Kyle Chisholm and the KMP Repsol Honda Team were riding under the O’NEAL flag and battled hard for Top5 results.

Kyle Chisholm was supported by the Sturm Kawasaki Team and won his Heat Race on Friday, but unfortunalely crashed in the Semi. Last Chance he had a bad start and pushed hard to reach the last two spots for the Final. While battling for the 3rd place he crashed and finally place 8th. On Saturday he came back strong and placed 5th in the Heat Race, 3rd in the Semi and 4th in the Main.
O’NEAL Europe recently started to support the German KMP MX Racing Team. KMP Rider Taylor Potter from AUS placed 5th in the Heat Race and 8th in the Semi. In Last Chance he unluckily placed 3rd (only two riders qualify for the Main). Because of a family issue Taylor flew out to Australia on Saturday morning and didn’t ride on Saturday.
KMP rider Mathias Jörgensen from Denmark had a rough start on Friday. In his Heat Race he was 3rd when he went down pretty hard, hurt his kidney and couldn’t continue to ride. In the Semi he did a couple of laps, but canceled the race because of too much pain. Finally he placed 10th. On Saturday he placed 3rd in the Heat Race, 10th in the Semi. In the first lap of the Last Chance he landed directly on the hip and went out.
Mathias said: “Thanks to O’Neal and the KMP Repsol Honda Team for making this possible. I’m feeling really comfortable in my new O’NEAL Hardwear Flow/ Race Gear. Also thanks to my mechanic Markus for fixing my bike after a weekend with too many crashes.”
KMP SX2 class rider Frederik Jensen from Denmark placed 10th on Friday and 7th on Saturday. Overall he placed 7th.
A big surprise was local hero Ruben Schmid from Stuttgart. He placed 2nd on both days in the SX3 class – well done!
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