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O’Neal are excited to announce the launch of a new neck brace for 2015 – developed in conjunction with Moveo®

Moveo® are committed to developing neck braces that provide maximum safety and protection without compromising on comfort and maneuverability. O’Neal have taken the Moveo® Concept II brace and developed the Tron for 2015, aimed at both DH and MX riders. The Tron is lightweight, weighing around 585g, and available in 2 race graphics as well as O’Neal’s signature Crank design (to match jersey, pants, gloves and helmet). The Tron passes CE safety standards for neck brace products.
The Moveo® technology used by the O’Neal Tron offers more adjustment over previous Moveo® models, thanks to the rear section of the brace which can be anchored in 3 different positions, improving the fit and compatibility with upper body protection and full face helmets. The side profile is also adjustable allowing riders even more fine-tuning to get the perfect fit and to give the best possible freedom of movement.

Tron Neckbrace – Black/White

O'NEAL TRON neckbraceTron Neckbrace – Blue/Red

O'NEAL TRON neckbraceTron Neckbrace – Crank

We believe that this is one of the most adjustable neck braces available, if not the most adjustable. The low profile back of the brace makes it extremely unobtrusive when riding. The characteristic features of previous Moveo® braces also remain: front metal fastening, flexible hinges for increased comfort and a size adjustment system that does not require replacing or adding extra parts.

RRP: €289.90 / £254.99