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Greg Minnaar Victory #21

We are beginning to sound like a broken record with weekly posts about Greg Minnaar winning races, extending his lead in the overall World Cup Series and adding to his statistics as the most decorated rider in the history of our sport.


Just take a moment to reflect on Greg’s career:


  • 3 x GOLD medal

  • 4 x Silver medal

  • 3 x Bronze medal


  • 3 x overall series CHAMPION

  • 120 race starts

  • 75 podiums

  • 21 wins




Reading that CV really blows our mind and he keeps adding to the tally as the 2017 season goes on. The question is when will it stop?!

Greg seems more motivated, fitter and more on fire than ever before:

“I don’t think it ever will stop. The competitiveness that I have inside me is something that I’ve had isince I was 5 years olds racing motocross. I think it will continue through my life whether it’s working with the product developers at O’Neal to come up with better products or getting to the start-line of a World Cup. In the end it’s the same process that you go through – aiming for the best product or the best run possible.

I don’t think that competitive side will ever end. I’m sure one day I’ll have to hang up the boots but right now I’ve still got the fire and desire.

I’m gonna keep it turning!”


At O’Neal we are so proud to be associated with such a rider. Not only for the race results but for working with one of the most humble, down-to-earth, approachable and professional riders on the circuit and in the industry.


Despite a busy schedule of racing, filming, training and flying around the world, the last few years Greg has found time between Fort William and Leogang World Cup races (only a week apart!) to spend 2 days with O’Neal grassroots riders, hanging out, riding, having a few beers and proving that despite the glittering career he’s still someone who loves to ride bikes and be around people who share his passion.

Greg Minnaar – #OneOfUs


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