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Quentin Derbier placed 2nd at JBC 4X Revelations

From Quentin: Just back from the craziness in Czech Republic – 4X Pro Tour #4! Great satisfaction with another 2nd place (3rd podium in a row). I still don’t desperate to have a big win before the end of the season! This track is the one from multi time 4X champion and local hero Tomas Slavik. This is really BIG : 2 pro sections, wall ride, rock garden, whoops, roots… Its rolls very fast, and it’s pretty long for a 4X track (more than 50 sec.), a jewel!

Quentin Derbier placed 2nd at JBC 4X Revelations
Big two days of rain on wednesday and thursday, so the organisers decided to cancel the first practice session. At that time, all the riders had a bit more pressure for the next friday’s training: it will be one single practice session immediatly followed by the qualifying run… No worries, I decided to work on the media stuff during the rider’s presentation :-)
Quentin Derbier placed 2nd at JBC 4X Revelations
Friday finally, I felt good on the bike despite a still wet track (especially in the woods). I had a clean qualifying run start, with a really good top part. Then I came on full attack mode on the step-up, and cased it a bit. I crashed and get on the bike as fast as it could have been. And get the 14th fastest time… Not too bad, it will increase my determination to go for it!
  Quentin Derbier placed 2nd at JBC 4X Revelations
Saturday – finals day. It’s CROWDED! 10.000 people, uncredible! And when all those guys starting to scream, it’s like in GLADIATOR movie. I had two first clean runs, with good starts. It allowed me to qualify for the semi final.
There were already some big names out, due to the czech riders on fire on home soil. I knew that this heat will be more complicated, and so I came second at the end of the first straight. I stayed in the back wheel of the leader on the first pro section, and finally hit my line in the woods, to claimed first sport until the finish line. I’m in the main final!
Quentin Derbier placed 2nd at JBC 4X Revelations
Regarding my bad qualifying run, I get the lane 4 (outside). Silence in the crowd… and GO ! I had my best start of the race, and already passed one guy on the first straight. The first turn was tricky, as we arrived all full gaz. I choose to keep my momentum on the outside line, and stayed the closest I could from Slavik (who was 1st). The other czech guy (Svub) almost cut me in two pieces and took the 2nd place. I didn’t give up and pushed really hard to finally pass him on the big doubles… Despite a good lap, I didn’t close the gap enough to get Slavik and ended 2nd of the 2016 JBC 4X Revelations!
Quentin Derbier placed 2nd at JBC 4X Revelations
A huge thanks to the czech spectators, who cheered for me like I was their country guy! Big up and see you guys next year ;-)
Next target is THE 2016 4X WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS, beginning of September, in Italia. FORZA, Quentin
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