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Jordi Bago for Anywhre

O’NEAL’s Jordi Bago was in invited to be featured in the ANYWHRE video in the beautiful Gran Canaria. ANYWHRE is an actionsports app that lets you explore and share the world around you!

The ANYWHRE app will let user find, log and share great places for actionsports. Examples are mtb trails, off-pist tracks, surf/kite/skate spots, Mx-tracks etc etc. To each logged track or spot the user will be able to add a description, a movie, images to inspire others. To find the places the app will use both a map view and a augmented reality featured live view.
The ANYWHRE team has choosen to not have any element of competition in the app. This is a reaction to all the negative things that Strava brings to the trails out there. More Fun, Less Competition!
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