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Dylan Crane shredding in Boulder

O’NEAL and Knolly Bikes’ team rider Dylan Crane recently moved to Boulder and was searching for some fresh trails. After becoming familiar with the new area he picked up filmmaker Kai Maulhardt and produced a short clip.

“Doing this edit during the winter seasons was a difficult thing because half the time my hands where frozen trying to run the glide cam, but I think it turned our really well.” “I’ve grown up with Dylan my whole life and having the privilege to shoot a edit for him and his sponsors was a blast!” Kai Maulhardt | Filmmaker
“Its tricky trying to ride throughout the winter in the mountains, but thats whats so nice about Boulder trails, they dry out quickly and dont always turn into a sloppy mess after we get a snow storm.” “I only recently moved to Boulder and I have found it difficult to find really technical and steep terrain but its been great becoming familiar with a new area and providing a larger riding community.” “Kai is great to film with, he is always open to switching things up and willing to film in freezing conditions. I look forward to working with him more soon, hopefully in warmer conditions!” Dylan Crane | Freerider/ O’Neal Ambassador
O'Neal team rider Dylan Crane | Image by Seth Beckton
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About the Filmer:
Check the YouTube Channel of Kai Maulhardt.  


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