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O’Neal welcomes Gaetan Le Hir

O’NEAL welcomes the French MX rider Gaetan Le Hir for 2017! Gaet won the 2011 French National Junior SX Championship and was runner-up in the 2016 French Outdoor SX Championship. His latest 2016 podium finish was at the SX Bercy/Lille in the 250cc class.

O'Neal Team Rider Gaetan Le Hir

O'Neal Team Rider Gaetan Le Hir

Gatan: “My SX season has been positive on the whole. After two years complicated by injuries, I’m back on the podium. I finished 2nd in outdoor series with a victory in final at Saint Thibery.
O'Neal Team Rider Gaetan Le Hir



Whilst training and preparing for the indoor series, I crashed very hard 3 weeks before the first round. I did the best I could despite the set-back and still managed 4th overall in the Championship. Not what I was hoping for but still I have some great memories from the season, like my podium overall at SX Bercy/Lille!
About my co-op. with O’Neal, I’m very proud of it, not only for the material but also for their support at all events and their believing in me and giving me the confidence to push myself further!”
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