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O’Neal Greg Minnaar riding day 2018

At the end of a tough World Cup season, Greg Minnaar took a day out of his busy schedule to hit Bikepark Albstadt in Germany and ride with a few of our European supported riders.


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The German Carbocage Team with riders Joshua Barth (freshly crowned as European DH Champ) and Julian Steiner joined Greg


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along with the German DH Female Champion Nina Hoffmann who celebrated two Top10 DH World Cup results in Val di Sole and La Bresse during her first ever World Cup season.


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The boys of the Bergrausch Team (Robert Otto and Robin Krellmamm), Felix Bauer of the Befly World Team and the Brazilian World Cup riders Douglas and Roger Vieira from the U.K. Moore Large O’Neal Team and home-town local riders from the BPA Bikepark Albstadt Team had a great time with the 3-time DH World Champ Greg Minnaar.


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After an intense few months racing for all riders it was an opportunity to kick-back, session a few trails, grab a beer and reflect on the ups and downs of 2018.

The photos here really show what a down-to-earth person Greg is and, despite the fame and glory, he still has time to give back to a sport that has given him so much:


As with previous O’Neal ride days, the session at Albstadt yet again really showed the essence of what we stand for at O’Neal, each rider being #oneofus and no matter what the level, united through the love of riding bikes and having fun.

We’re lucky, both here at O’Neal and the riders we support, to be working with such a professional rider.