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The 2020 collection celebrates our place in history as the oldest US MX brand in the world. Already by 1989, some 30 years ago, we launched our Azonic MTB brand and after that followed our first O’Neal bike collections.

The same philosophy runs throughout O’Neal:

“It wasn’t about making money. Our drive was really about finding and creating better products to race with.”

Jim O’Neal

For 2020 our jerseys, shorts and gloves all get updated graphics and colors but it’s protection, helmets and shoes where we have the most exciting new-product launches:


Greg Minnaar’s choice for his 2018 and 2019 World Cup campaigns – the Legacy Pant – is now available in a new color for 2020. Alongside the original Black, the new Gray color was worn by Greg for the second half of the 2019 season. Developed as a DH pant specifically for Greg, the Legacy Pant is also a favourite of Enduro riders with the cut and freedom of movement around the knees meaning it can be worn all day. Pedalling is uninhibited with the stretch knee panels working perfectly with all knee pads.

The TOBANGA Jersey is also now available in Black/ Gray, a perfect match for the Legacy Pant. With the on-the-fly adjustable sleeves allowing rider to swap between full-length and 3/4, the TOBANGA is a great super versatile 3 seasons jersey.

[oneal_product 0084-702] [oneal_product 1230-728] [oneal_product 0185-038] [oneal_product 6028-200]


We developed the carbon BLADE helmet 2 years ago along with Greg Minnaar, to use in his 2018 and 2019 WC campaigns. The same helmet with the same features as Greg’s own personal helmet is now available in in Hyperlite and Polyacrylite materials with the incredible RRPs of only €229.99 and €169.99.

Greg raced the second-half of the 2019 WC season in a stock Hyperlite helmet, proving this great-value helmet has what is takes to perform at the very top of our sport.

The carbon version (€399.99) and selected Hyperlite versions (€249.99) incorporates our IPX® ACells helmet impact absorption technology which helps to reduce the damage caused by rotational and low-speed crashes. ACells can be added as an after-market part to all of our BLADE helmets.

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2020 sees the launch of our new class-leading open-face TRAILFINDER Helmet at €69.99.

A great-looking Enduro-orientated helmet with extra protection at the back of the head and an anti-slip goggle strap pad on the back on the helmet. Simple block colors mean the TRAILFINDER can be paired with any kit color combinations.

[oneal_product 0013-102] [oneal_product 0013-202] [oneal_product 0013-402] [oneal_product 0013-502] [oneal_product 0013-302]


A replacement for our rider-favorite Sinner Knee Pad – the all-new REDEEMA – makes its debut in 2020. Enough protection for racing DH and Enduro yet the honey-comb material gives a perfect fit with ventilation to allow all-day pedaling.

Truly the only pad a rider will ever need to own.

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‘Stick but don’t get stuck’ with our brand new Honey Rubber SUPERGRIP outsole, incorporated into the all-new SENDER flat pedal shoe. The Sender is a race-ready top-end MTB flat pedal shoe at an affordable price.

2 years in development, the SENDER is the first model to use the new sole. Using tackier rubber and a special tread pattern, the SENDER gives extra grip and confidence when needed in even the rockiest of sections but still gives enough rotation to allow the foot to be repositioned without taking it completely off the pedal.

The SENDER has protection at the front and rear to take the knocks on rocks and from trail debris, a Velcro strap to give a more secure fit and to house the laces plus areas of mesh on the front and side to help cool the foot when riding hard.

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