News Stream / Stunt with Airplane

Joel Brown and Paul Bennet come together

Freestyle motocross rider Joel Brown and Stunt Pilot Paul Bennet come together to pull off an epic death defying Australian first!

Joel Brown says:
Pretty much I was contacted by Paul Bennet from Paul Bennet air shows to see if I would be interested in helping perform the stunt being an Australian first. I  jumped at the opportunity as well to test everything out and see, if we could start performing this at air shows around the world . With the first planned jumps rained out a few weeks ago we rescheduled for the 18th of September.
The nights sleep leading into the jump wasn’t the best with a lot of things running through my mind what if something went wrong. But come the morning of the jump and watching paul fly around and test flying knife edge through the gap my nerves calmed a little and once the helmet went on it was time to focus and get it done. I’m defiantly over the moon with the jump and so is paul we have plans to perform at air shows around Australia and the world and we are not finished pushing this stunt just yet.”


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