Developed in collaboration with leading laboratories and top DH and MX riders, our IPX® impact foam technology works with the rider, constantly adapting to both body and surrounding temperatures.

IPX® provides the ultimate protection when you need it most.

  • Whilst riding IPX® becomes soft and supple, moulding to the rider’s body, providing 100% coverage of the area being protected and allowing the rider to manoeuvre with full freedom-of-movement

  • In the event of a crash the IPX® impact foam instantly hardens on impact, providing protection against injury and minimizing the risk of permanent damage

  • IPX® then returns to its soft and supple pre-crash state and can be crashed repeatedly without compromising the structure and effectiveness of the foam

« This new impact foam technology offers unsurpassed levels of protection whilst maintaining freedom-of-movement and comfort when riding. »

John Firth | O’Neal Head of Marketing

IPX® performs better than many market leaders in the lab. and is also put to the test in the real world by the big mountain boss James Doerfling. If anyone is going to test IPX® to the limit then Doerfling’s the obvious choice – hiking, creating and riding exposed lines that most people wouldn’t even consider. When he nails a line it’s awe-inspiring; when he gets it wrong – which happens when pushing the limits of our sport – he puts his trust in IPX®.

The IPX® range includes everything from lightweight/ minimalist to full coverage knee pads and body armour and all products exceed CE EN1621 LEVEL 2 standards for motorcycle protection, even the MTB line:

SINNER Kevlar® Knee RACE Guard
SINNER Kevlar® Knee RACE Guard

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