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O’NEAL is proud to announce that Adolf Silva from Spain is now part of their MTB line-up.

The 24 years young MTB Freerider is well known and respected in the global MTB scene having won the “People’s Choice Award” at Red Bull Rampage and several Best Trick / Line victories at the Fest Series and Audi Nines events. He is also well known for his World’s First "Cali Roll" on a DH bike.

"I’m happy to get the opportunity to ride for O’NEAL – a brand with such a long history. I’m looking forward to a long term partnership." said Silva.

We at O’NEAL Europe have known Adolf since the beginning of his great career. He is an innovative and professional rider and we are really excited to be working with him for the next two years and beyond.

Adolf Silva will participate in selected international and national freeride events in 2022.
More information about Adolf on our O’NEAL athlete page.


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