The O’Neal team riders Hannes and Luc Ackermann had to battle against a competitive rider field at the NIGHT of the JUMPs FIM FMX World Championship in Krakow/ Poland.

The 18-year old Luc Ackermann was on fire in the qualification round and put a solid run together with a Surfer take off to Tsunami Flip and Flair to make it to 4th place. Hannes Ackermann also showed an awesome performance and finished his great run with a Doublegrab Flip. Unfortunately he didn’t receive enough points from the judges to make it into the finals.
O'Neal team rider Hannes Ackermann
In the Maxxis Highest Air Luc Ackermann and Jose Miralles battled until they both knocked the bar off at 8.50 metres. Both took the win and shared the prize money.
O'Neal team rider Luc Ackermann
A highly motivated Luc Ackermann launched into his final run with the motto, Go Big or Go Home. With the Egg Roll and Flair in the Quarterpipe and the Surfer Take off to Tsunami he finished with the California Roll which he just held together. With some small mistakes he had to settle with 6th place.
O'Neal team rider Luc Ackermann
After the Nitro Circus tour I went straight to the next NOTJ events. Unfortunately I had a big crash in Hamburg and I torn some ligaments in my shoulder and wasn’t ready at all to go and compete. So I took it easy in Berlin and Stockholm. The level at NOTJ is super high and you have to do all your big tricks to make it into the finals. I spend 2 days in the foam pit and felt ready to go to Krakau. Practice went well and I was ready to show a new trick in my run that night. Doing pretty much all my big tricks like Airplane, 360 Nac, Cliffhanger Flip, PortiAir Flip and a Doublegrab Flip for my double up I thought I made it to the finals. But the judges had a different opinion. Like I said the level is super high so the smallest mistake is a reason to not make it through. I was happy with my riding and proud of landing the Doublegrab Flip. Now it’s time to practice harder for the next round in Munich.  Hannes Ackermann
3 Night of the Jumps stops in a row and it has been a harder than ever. The last stop in Krakau has been quit good for me. I made it to the final with a good qualification run and won the highest air together with Jose Miralles. In the final I did my first egg roll and I had a little mistake on the landing of my Cali roll. At the end I finished up 6th and I am quit happy with the result. Luc Ackermann
FACTS Diverse NIGHT of the JUMPs/FIM Freestyle MX World Championship Krakow, 12th March 2016 – Round 6
Results NIGHT of the JUMPs – Final

1. Maikel Melero 421 Points
2. Libor Podmol 418 Points
3. David Rinaldo 406 Points
4. Remi Bizouard 402 Points
5. Rob Adelberg 398 Points
6. Luc Ackermann 383 Points

FIM Freestyle MX World Championship Ranking (after 6th contest)

1. Maikel Melero 120 Points
2. Remi Bizouard 100 Points
3. David Rinaldo 86 Points
4. Rob Adelberg 86 Points
5. Petr Pilat 67 Points
6. Luc Ackermann  55 Points

More information about Hannes and Luc on our O’NEAL athlete page.
Images by: Barbara Kamphuis and Oliver Franke


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