O’NEAL is proud to announce that the french MTB 4x and DH rider Quentin Derbier​ wins the 4X Pro Tour 2015. Be sure to read Quentin’s review of the the final race.
It’s been quite a hard decision to made the move to this last race of the season: the previous one was not easy, crashing hard during practice of the world champs let me with an ankle ligament’s distorsion, as its wrench a little piece of bone with. Anyway, I felt good enough to try it, I knew that the tactical will be simple: put the maximum points in the bag, with the hopes that english rider (and overall leader) Scott Beaumont won’t … 70 points to catch, let’s try it ! The track looked fast and long, pretty wild too (big rocky turns, bushes…), I started practice very progressively in order to manage my ankle. I felt up to speed after the 1st day.
I did almost the perfect lap in qualies, despite the serious awful conditions (heaviest rain of the year) : clocked a 1 min., wich let me 1st by a full second ! Beaumont came 6th, 5points less to closed, that’s something. We had finals runs just after qualies, and pouring rain. It’s gonna be war! I managed to qualified for the first 2 rounds, pain was a bit here but ok, it was hard for everybody… I went through my quarter and qualified for semi final n°1.
I was also looking for what Scott was doing, as he was my challenger for the overall, and then. He went out in quarter! At this point, a quick stone confirmed me that I just needed to go to the main final to win the overall, pressure was on! We were on the gate, voice box on, and BAM ! gate dropped a lot earlier than expected, probably due to hours of rain on the compressor ! I found myself in 3rd position just after the start, and put all the power I had to came 2nd after the first straight. I was screaming “gogogo!” to the guy in front of me, riding on his tales, and finally crossing the line in the 2nd spot: I was qualified for the main! I won the overall!
Main event was anecdotical, as I was not enough “on it”. I missed my start so kept my physical integrity for the rest of the track. I won the 4X ProTour 2015 by 13 mere points, on more than 900!
More information about Quentin and the O’NEAL rider line-up: www.oneal.eu/en/athletes/


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