It was the AMA Pro Motocross Championship’s annual mid-summer visit to the Land of 10,000 Lakes for the Spring Creek National in Millville, Minnesota, where O’NEAL’s Blake Baggett had another standout race. Baggett rode solidly on his factory Suzuki RM-Z450 and passed fellow Suzuki rider Ken Roczen late in the second moto to secure a 4-3 finish. That meant a third AMA Pro 450 Motocross overall podium result for Baggett in his rookie 450MX season.

The third overall at round eight of the 12-round series, keeps Baggett securely in fourth place in the 450 National Motocross standings. Baggett kicked off race day at the challenging Spring Creek circuit by finishing eighth in timed qualifying, as he and the Yoshimura squad methodically found the optimal settings on his bike. In the first moto Baggett found himself outside the top 10 in the early going. Fortunately he was able to fully utilize the power and agile handling of his Yoshimura Suzuki RM-Z450 to make up ground and began clawing his way towards the front. In an amazing display of racecraft, Baggett made it all the way to fourth by the end of the moto.
A better start in the second moto allowed Baggett to run sixth in the early laps. Seven laps in and Baggett made a pass on Fredrik Noren to break into the top five. Jason Anderson was Baggett’s next target and he dispatched of the Husky rider the very next lap. Then in the closing laps Baggett caught, battled with and eventually passed defending series champ Ken Roczen to put himself into a podium position. From there he rode a strong last few laps to close out the moto in third. His pass on Roczen decided the final podium spot at Millville. After the race Baggett sounded analytical about his development in his first season in the 450 class.
“I’m trying to get better and better every weekend,” Baggett explained. “Some weekends are good, some are not so good. I’m just trying to be steady and not give up and keep plugging away. I have to thank the whole Yoshimura Suzuki team and everybody on my team for being behind me. I’m just going to keep working to get up with the front guys and battle.”
Baggett credits some of the work on his own test track in Florida as helping toughen him up for the nationals. “I make the gnarliest track that I can so when I come to the race weekends it’s a bit easier. I’m working hard and it’s paying off.”
Baggett swings back into action this coming weekend as Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship continues Saturday, July 25, with the Peterson CAT Washougal National. Scenic and hilly Washougal MX Park in Washougal, Washington will host the ninth stop of the 12-round championship. Baggett will be in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Fairview to meet with fans and sign autographed posters on Friday, July 24 at Town Center Motorcycles, 22455 NE Halsey, Fairview, OR 97024 from 6:00-7:00 pm.
Millville 450 Motocross Results:

1.  Ryan Dungey (1-1)
2.  Justin Barcia (2-2)
3.  Blake Baggett (4-3)
4.  Ken Roczen (3-4)
5.  Jason Anderson (6-6)
6.  Broc Tickle (5-7)
7.  Fredrik Noren (8-5)
8.  Christophe Pourcel (9-8)
9.  Phil Nicoletti (7-10)
10. Josh Grant (10-9)

450 Motocross Standings:

1.  Ryan Dungey, 353
2.  Ken Roczen, 297
3.  Justin Barcia, 284
4.  Blake Baggett, 250
5.  Jason Anderson, 227
6.  Broc Tickle, 220
7.  Christophe Pourcel, 211
8.  Phil Nicoletti, 176
9.  Weston Peick, 171
10. Fredrik Noren, 161



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