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FMX World Champ Luc Ackermann wins gold at the X Games

Luc Ackermann is the youngest FIM Freestyle Motocross World Champion and nine-time world record holder. Now, the German extreme athlete was able to fulfill another dream. On Thursday, the 23-year-old Thuringian (Niederdorla) won gold at the renowned X Games in the USA in the freestyle motocross competition.

X Games, known by many as the Olympic Games for Extreme Sports, are hosted annually by the American US sports broadcaster ESPN. In his very first freestyle run, the German showed a Seat Grab Indy Backflip at the beginning of his 75 seconds, followed by the flattest 360 in the FMX world. After a Tsunami Flip, Luc set the first Double Backflip and followed a Flair (540) over the quarter pipe ramp. After a Double Nac Double Flip, he jumped another Cliffhanger and finished his extremely clean, spectacular run with a massive Holy Grab.

He not only impressed the judges, who put him at the head of the field with 92.33 points, but also seemed to have made a visible impression on the competition.

Luc Ackermann was the first German FMX athlete to win a medal at the X Games in the freestyle motocross competitions. As the medal was shining in gold, it capped off Luc’s incredible success story.

“I am super happy. Winning a medal at the X Games has always been a dream of mine.

We never expected to get them here in the first competition after 1.5 years.

Thanks to my girlfriend and family, my sponsors, my friends,

my manager and everyone who has supported me for years,”

said Luc Ackermann after his run when he was given the gold medal.

Watch Luc's  X Games 2021 Aftermovie:


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