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Heading into the 2017 season, O’Neal and Azonic rider Jakub Vencl was feeling super confident and keen to “try as many events as I possibly can, hopefully get some good results and most importantly have fun.”

Jakub Vencl: After last year´s success in Dual Speed&Style at Crankworx in Whistler I decided to give it another try. It was my first time in New Zealand and it was all blast! The course was way longer than in Canada and the rain made it super challenging for everyone.

He definitely kicked the season off in style last week at Crankworx in Rotorua, New Zealand, starting out as he intended with not only a good but great result and having a lot of fun in the process! We’re stoked for Jakub and can’t wait to see what else he’s got in the bag for the rest of the year.
Jakub Vencl:  I qualified in 10th place, up against big name riders in each round, including Cam Zink. We had a very close battle and in the second run had a big crash on the last jump when we hit each other on the landing. Luckily I still advanced and faced Barry Nobles, Reed Boggs and Tomáš Slavík on my way to the finals.
Watch this space for more killer edits and no doubt some more podiums to boot. One of our longest supported riders is still up there with the best and one of the most exciting riders on the circuit.
Jakub Vencl: I gave all I had left in and in the end it was enough to beat Adrien Loron and I walked away with my first ever Crankworx event Victory! I can’t imagine any better start to the season and can’t wait to see what this year going to bring!
More information about Jakub on our O’NEAL athlete page.


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