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Greg Minnaar originally signed with O’Neal in 2012, and has just signed for another 2 seasons minimum racing the World Cup circuit. Previously Greg was on jersey, shorts, gloves, protection and O’Neal have now included helmets into the deal. Minnaar is O’Neal’s top MTB athlete, and he will also be more and more active in product development.

2017 and 2018 are guaranteed that Greg will be racing. Into, 2019 who knows…

I’ve been with the guys at O’Neal now since 2012. It’s been a great experience working with them. in terms of getting behind the products. I’ve developed some products of my own as well as worked on products with the guys. It’s really been a great experience and now, after ending my relationship with Kubuto, it made a lot of sense for us to merge and expand our partnership further.


We’ve been working on a helmet project which will be launching later this year. Very exciting time for us, especially going into this World Cup season with all the new developments we’re working on together. Greg Minnaar

Greg will kick off the season in a top-end O’Neal MX helmet. Greg’s been riding MX since he was knee-high and the fit, weight, shape and graphics of this lid just stood out for him. O’Neal have several top DH riders in MX lids and it comes down to personal preference.

GREG MINNAAR’s choice:

The new O’Neal helmet development Greg is working on looks to set a new standard for top-end DH race helmets. It will bring a pro rider-developed lightweight ASTM shell at a price point not seen so far from other brands.
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Watch this space for more details … Greg racing, O’Neal GM helmet launch, Greg’s plans for 2019 and beyond. More information about Greg Minnaar on our O’NEAL athlete page.


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